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    There are over 20 operating registration points for temporary protection on the territory of the country

    Posted by Bulgaria for Ukraine on March 21, 2022

    There are already more than 20 points in the country where registration cards are issued for temporary protection of those fleeing the war in Ukraine. In addition to the two border checkpoints near Ruse and Durankulak, the important document can be obtained at the railway station in Sofia, as well as in the regional or regional offices of the Ministry of Interior in Nessebar, Pomorie, Burgas, Svilengrad, Blagoevgrad. The map of new locations is constantly updated on our portal here. In addition to these data, here – on the official website (https://ukraine.gov.bg/bg/) you can follow the daily reports on the number of people entering from Ukraine, how many of them stay and are accommodated in our country.

    More than 100,000 Ukrainians have entered our country, of which nearly 50,000 have remained in Bulgaria. So far, about 1,500 have temporary protection, about 700 people have registered, sought international protection and as many have applied to the State Agency for Refugees.

    More than 25,000 people have already received shelter under the terms of the BGN 40-a-day program approved by the government.

    99 places for accommodation under the program have been registered in the National Tourist Register, their capacity is nearly 21 thousand beds.

    Everything necessary for the medical care of those coming to Bulgaria is provided by the Ministry of Health. There is a telephone line for referral to medical institutions. The children will be included in the specially prepared immunization calendar, compliant with the Ukrainian one, in order to be able to meet the health requirements for entering a kindergarten or school.

    The MLSP is the institution for supporting those who want support, through the Social Assistance Directorate. The condition is to have an identity document, then to be attached to a specific place of residence in order to receive a one-time assistance of BGN 375 as persons at risk. If their stay lasts until the next heating season, they will also have heating assistance. There is a right to additional payment if they have children raised for upbringing.

    There is already a register of children seeking asylum status, there are still no signals of requested temporary protection. So far, 2 unaccompanied children and 96 accompanied children are known. When an adult and a child enter Bulgaria, the adult must submit a declaration that he / she wants to take care of this child.

    Ministry of Innovation is actively negotiating with Bulgarian employers, the projected outlook for the number of jobs is 200,000. The Employment Agency studies the work needs of newcomers, a special section of the agency’s website job offers) is constantly updated.

    Employees of the regional directorates of the Ministry of Interior Affairs are in constant contact with the arrived Ukrainians, in order to provide information, protection and tranquility in the settlements. The transport for the needy from each initial reception point to the place of accommodation on the territory of the country is provided by the General Directorate “Fire and Emergency Safety”. The organization of border crossings is built in two directions – rapid registration of fleeing the war when entering Bulgaria and, in parallel, strict border control to assess whether any of the entrants would be a potential threat to national security. A risk profile and a detailed protocol for carrying out the activities of the Border Police in emergency conditions have been developed.

    Bulgaria and 24 other EU member states provide temporary protection for Ukrainians fleeing the war, more than 3 million have left Ukraine so far.

    The European Union has already approved a proposal of a legal nature, allowing Member States to use unspent funds from operational programs until 2020 to cover temporary protection status.
    Bulgaria also has such funds.

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