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    Half of the registered for the program hotels will continue to accommodate people fleeing the war from Ukraine

    Posted by Bulgaria for Ukraine on May 24, 2022

    Due to the great interest from hoteliers, the deadline for applying for the new program is extended to May 27.

    More than 23,000 beds in accommodation registered with the National Tourist Register are included in the new humanitarian program for the accommodation of Ukrainian refugees. In just two days, the percentage of applicants increased from 30 to 50% of the hotels that currently house people with temporary protection. In addition to them, another 60 new hotels have joined the program.

    The new humanitarian program for accommodation of displaced persons from Ukraine starts on June 1 and provides for two options – BGN 15 for a bed and food or BGN 10 for a bed only. The program does not cover additional services such as room cleaning and laundry. The application is made after filling in a form and sending it by e-mail support@ukraine.gov.bg.

    The form can be downloaded from here https://ukraine.gov.bg/bg/2022/05/20/the-humanitarian-program-for-accommodation-of-ukrainian-refugees-after-may-31-will-be-open-to-hotels/ 

    Meanwhile, as Mariana Tosheva, head of the Operational Coordination Group and chair of the State Agency for Refugees, said earlier, there has been an increased flow back to Ukraine’s peaceful areas. In the last day alone, three times more people left Bulgaria than entered – 3076 left and 901 entered.

    There is also interest in various parts of the country by Ukrainians. A special section has been created on the government portal, in which Ukrainians can get acquainted with the regions of Bulgaria, their geographical features, basic livelihoods, traditions and more.

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