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    Notice to all hotels that have applied for participation in the new humanitarian program for accommodation of Ukrainian refugees after May 31

    Posted by Bulgaria for Ukraine on May 25, 2022

    Dear hotel owners and managers,

    We have received signals from Ukrainian citizens who are worried that they will not be able to pay the amount desired by some of you to stay in your hotel or to be transferred to it at all.

    On the other hand, we also receive hundreds of confirmations from Ukrainian citizens, who fully agree to pay extra what is needed, as long as they stay in the same place and are not relocated.

    In view of these two signals, we would like to inform you of the following:

    1. All hotels that have filled in the application form for the new program and sent it to the specified e-mail have declared that:
      1.1. They provide accommodation worth BGN 10 per person
      1.2. They provide accommodation and meals worth BGN 15 per person

    These services are covered by the state and you are NOT entitled to pay extra for these services! Once you have applied to participate in the program, you are not entitled to refuse accommodation or accommodation and meals for Ukrainian refugees within the specified amounts.

    1. In addition to the mandatory provision of shelter and food, you have the right as commercial outlets to offer additional services to Ukrainian refugees. Examples of such additional services are spa, fitness, internet, parking, room cleaning, laundry and towels, animation for children, and more. In cases where Ukrainian citizens want to use paid services, the hotelier has the right to provide them, but their use can not be a condition for accommodation.
    2. We remind you that the decision on where to relocate people with temporary protection is coordinated through the contact center of the government headquarters. The goal is not to create confusion and chaos for missing people and to properly plan resources and logistics.

    Please keep in mind the above requirements and in case you want to change your application from BGN 15 per bed and meals, only BGN 10 per bed or withdraw it directly, you can do so by calling the contact center – 02 905 5555, as well as by e-mail support@ukraine.gov.bg

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