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    How to choose a general practitioner?

    Posted by Bulgaria for Ukraine on June 20, 2022

    I am a person registered for temporary protection. I have all the rights, like health insured person upon receipt of medical / dental care and medicines under line of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF). The term for which The Bulgarian state will provide me with health, if I wish, is:

    If I am aged 18 to 60 years – 3 months;

    If I am under the age of 18 and over 60 – for the period of residence in Bulgaria.

    I have the right, as a health insured person, “to choose freely general practitioner (GP) in a primary outpatient facility medical care, concluded a contract with the NHIF, on the territory of the whole country.

    If I am not happy with my general practitioner, I can choose another personal doctor doctor every calendar year in the period from 1st June until June 30 and December 1st to 31.

    In cases where a permanent impossibility of the one chosen by me has been established general practitioner to provide primary outpatient care or medical treatment the institution where he works does not have a contract with RHIF, as well as in case of change of my current address is entitled to a new permanent choice, outside the specified deadlines, ie, at any time of the year.

    The general practitioner (personal) doctor is obliged to provide me with medical care help from the date of election by including me in his patient list from that date.

    I can also register on-line with the GP through the Personalized one information system (IPR) of the NHIF, provided that I have an electronic signature, to sign the registration form for choosing a personal doctor.

    General practitioner selection forms can be downloaded from the site of the National Health Insurance Fund – menu “For the citizens” – link Registration forms for selection to a general practitioner ‘.

    Information about general practitioners who have concluded a contract with the National Health Insurance Fund can be obtained make on the website of the National Health Insurance Fund – menu “Information on agreed activities” – link “Search for contractual partners and activities” – sub-link “General practitioners”.

    The general practitioner has no right to refuse to include me in his register, if I have provided a registration form for permanent selection.

    If I find it difficult to choose a general practitioner, I can turn to the Zion Health Insurance Fund (RHIF) at the place of residence.

    The general practitioner may prescribe the necessary ones specialized medical-diagnostic examinations.

    Highly specialized medical-diagnostic> tests (VSMDI) are appoint specialists from doctors,

    Immunizations and immunizations of children are performed only by the general practitioner in accordance with the Immunization Calendar of the Republic of Bulgaria.

    Medicinal products that GPs may prescribe

    In case of a temporary election, the prescriptions are executed by the elected general practitioner.

    If the case is urgent, patients should turn to the structures of ambulance: emergency room in a medical institution or to the Ambulance on tel:112.

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