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    The mayor of Nikolaev seeks support from twinned Pleven to delight children in the Ukrainian city for the holidays

    Posted by Bulgaria for Ukraine on November 21, 2022

    The mayor of the Ukrainian city of Nikolaev., Alexander Senkevich, sent a letter with a request for assistance to the mayor of Pleven, Georg Spartanski. In it, he thanked for the donations and humanitarian aid sent by Pleven residents and the refugees accepted in the city, Spartanski announced at a briefing today. In his letter, Sienkiewicz requests that goodies be sent to the children in the Ukrainian city on the occasion of the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays.

    This is a tradition that takes place every year in Nikolaev, but now, because of the military actions, the local government does not have the opportunity to organize this surprise for the children. That is why he is looking for support from the twinned city of Pleven. There are currently about 19,000 children in Nikolaev, the letter also states. Georg Spartanski added that even after he received the moba for help, he contacted non-governmental organizations, and active citizens have already declared that they will join the initiative. “Anyone who wants to can make a donation at the expense of the Municipality to buy goodies for the children in Nikolaev,” the mayor said. As BTA wrote, at the very beginning of the hostilities in Ukraine, donations and humanitarian aid were sent from Pleven to the sister city. Donations for children in the city of Nikolaev can be made at the expense of the Municipality of Pleven, indicating the type of payment for donations, benefits and other amounts received free of charge from the country. The reason for the translation should be “for Christmas gifts for the children of Nikolaev, Ukraine”.

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