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    IMPORTANT: Applications for the BGN 100 vouchers are accepted until the end of December

    Posted by Bulgaria for Ukraine on December 6, 2022

    We remind you that the Social Assistance Agency accepts applications for the BGN 100 vouchers for Ukrainian citizens with temporary protection until December 31.

    The term for using the voucher is 2 months from the date of their issue. The aid is granted to cover urgent needs for food, children’s food and clothing, school supplies, hygiene materials, etc. products from the store network in the country, as well as providing additional support through counseling and guidance through appropriate accompanying measures for social integration, in accordance with individually identified needs. For the convenience of Ukrainian citizens, a sample questionnaire translated into Ukrainian has been placed in a prominent place in the DSP.

    In the questionnaire, personal data of the holder, accompanying spouse and children up to the age of 18 are declared, and for reference the following are presented:

    1. Registration card of a foreigner;

    2. Identity document;

    3. Address registration card of a foreigner (if any).

    It is planned within 3 days from the submission of an inquiry card to the DSP against the holder’s signature, in order to provide the corresponding number of vouchers for all described persons – spouse, children under 18 years of age. In the procedure for realization and redemption of the vouchers, the following principles will be observed:

    Each voucher provided can be redeemed by a representative of the target group in the store network on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. Voucher redemption will be carried out by the DSP, on whose territory the commercial establishment in which it was redeemed is located, on the basis of a submitted payment application. Each payment application will be accompanied by a List of Vouchers to be redeemed, one copy of each voucher and an original invoice (primary accounting document) for the amounts due, with the recipient of the relevant DSP.

    The voucher will not be able to be used for the purchase of medicinal products, tobacco products, wine, spirits, beer, and if such products are found to be purchased, their value will not be redeemed by the ASP territorial divisions. If the value of the purchases is less than the face value of the voucher, the bearer will not be entitled to receive the difference in cash.

    To date, 26,549 Ukrainians have taken advantage of their right to a voucher.

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