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    Minister Hristov donated generators to the Bulgarians in Ukraine

    Posted by Bulgaria for Ukraine on December 19, 2022

    Energy Minister Rosen Hristov personally donated 18 generators to the Ukrainian city of Bolgrad, where 70% of the population are ethnic Bulgarians. He was welcomed by the chairman of the association “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” Ivan Polovnyuk, the directors of the “Georgi Sava Rakovski” high school Snezhana Skorich, of the Center for Bulgarian Culture Galina Ivanova, the chairman of the Bolgrad District Council Mihail Sadakliev and the chairman of the Bolgrad District State Administration Gennadiy Bambura and others.

    Minister Hristov started his visit from the high school, where 500 Bulgarians study. At the moment, training there takes place in shifts – 250 children in person, as much as the capacity of the bomb shelter, and as many remotely. Every two weeks the groups of children change. “It is impressive and respectable that this school, built with the funds and labor of Bulgarian immigrants so many years ago, today continues to instill patriotism and respect for Bulgaria,” said Hristov. He visited the Bulgarian cultural center as well as the church. According to the locals, there is only two hours of electricity a day in the city, and there is no electricity in the nearby villages for days. They thanked for the help and added that in addition to the above institutions, the generators will also be used for the local hospital.

    The donation campaign was organized by the Ministry of Energy and financed by the companies under BEH. The aid is in response to the request of the company “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”, Bolgrad, with chairman Ivan Polovniuk. It was he who contacted the Ministry of Energy with an appeal for the provision of generators, since as a result of the hostilities, a large part of the energy infrastructure was destroyed.

    Minister Hristov also handed over a donation from the Hellenic Business Council in Bulgaria, chaired by Minko Gerdzhikov, who bought goodies and dry food for our compatriots on the eve of Christmas.

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