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    The deadline for providing the BGN 100 vouchers has been extended until 31.01.2023

    Posted by Bulgaria for Ukraine on January 9, 2023

    The Agency for Social Assistance, through the “Social Assistance” Directorates, informs that the deadline for issuing vouchers to persons with temporary protection, displaced from Ukraine, has been extended.

    Vouchers will be provided until 31.01.2023, and priority will be provided to the needs of the children and the persons who are their parents, guardians, companions, guardians, authorized persons or persons with whom the children are placed in accordance with the Law on Protection child’s.

    Within the framework of the Project, which started on November 1, 2022, it is planned to distribute 40,000 vouchers worth BGN 100, which are intended for all persons from the migration stream who have been granted the status of temporary protection, certified by a Registration Card of foreigner, incl. and children.

    Vouchers are sold in the commercial network throughout the country for two months from the date of voucher issue. Vouchers can be used to purchase food and essential goods (food, clothing, school supplies and aids, hygiene materials, etc.).

    As of 09.01.2023, 32,940 persons have been registered in the Integrated Information System of ASP, who have expressed a desire to provide a voucher. 31,354 vouchers were provided, of which 10,506 vouchers were sold.

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