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    Extension of the period of temporary protection until 04.03.2025.

    Posted by Web Administrator on February 10, 2024

    Extencion of the period of temporary protection until 04.03.2025.

    “After the enactment of Decision No. 54 dated 25.01.2024 by the Council of Ministers to extend the temporary protection period until 04.03.2025 and Decision No. 67 dated 01.02.2024 approving sample registration cards, the process of re-registration of registration cards for Ukrainian citizens wishing to extend their temporary protection on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria officially begins.

    Individuals wishing to renew their registration cards may apply at the nearest regional directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (RD MIA); Sofia Directorate of Internal Affairs (SDIA) – for the city of Sofia or at the Registration and Reception Centers (RRC) of the State Agency for Refugees at the Council of Ministers (SAR at CoM) across the country. The re-registration process will continue until 31.03.2024, after which applications will only be accepted at SAR at CoM centers.”

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