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    Blagoevgrad Region

    Blagoevgrad Region

    Blagoevgrad region occupies the southwestern part of Bulgaria and is its “door” to the Balkans, with two borders – to Greece and the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

    There are 280 settlements. The largest city and administrative center is Blagoevgrad, followed by the municipalities of Bansko, Sandanski, Petrich and Gotse Delchev.

    The distance from Blagoevgrad to the capital Sofia is 100 km, there is a highway – an international road to Greece, bus and rail transport is maintained.

    The area occupies 5.8% of the territory of Bulgaria, the population is over 300 thousand people.

    Here are located in whole or in part 3 of the highest mountains in Bulgaria – Pirin, Rila and Rhodope.

    The climate in the town of Sandanski is recommended to be extremely healthy in the presence of specific problems with the respiratory system.



    There are 73 kindergartens, 13 of them in Blagoevgrad, and 6 nurseries.

    There are also 2 universities in the region:

    • The American University in Bulgaria is accredited with a maximum grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Agency, which is a guarantee for the quality of educational service in 75 bachelor’s and master’s programs after high school, 118 master’s programs after higher education and 84 doctoral programs.
    • Southwestern University “Neofit Rilski” is the largest educational, research and artistic center in Southwestern Bulgaria. It is accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Agency for 75 bachelor’s and master’s programs after secondary education, 118 master’s programs after higher education and 84 doctoral programs. One of the fastest filling specialties for candidates is the training of nurses.


    In the health care system in Blagoevgrad region 11 hospitals have been built and are functioning – 5 hospitals, 4 dispensaries and 2 specialized hospitals for rehabilitation.

    In Blagoevgrad, the health care of the population is provided by the multidisciplinary hospital for active treatment, and there is an emergency center for medical assistance. A hemodialysis center has also been built. Dispensaries (with hospitals) are of regional importance (for pneumo-phthisiological diseases; for oncological; for skin-venereal and mental diseases).

    The other four hospitals are located in Petrich, Gotse Delchev, Razlog and Sandanski and also serve the municipalities in the region where there are no hospitals.

    Branches in the economy of the region

    The main branches in the economy of the region are:

    • Food industry;
    • Winemaking;
    • Tobacco industry and production of tobacco products;
    • Wood processing
    • Tourism.

    There are a number of enterprises for people with disabilities in the district.

    The sought-after specialists in the field are medical staff, workers in tourist sites, brokers, business consultants, construction workers.

    Geographical landmarks

    The geographical attractions of the district place it in a leading position in the field of winter sports and tourist destinations. Among them are:

    • Sandanski – the most famous balneological complex in the country – with the natural and cultural-historical landmarks adjacent to the municipality in Pirin, Rozhen and the town of Melnik.
    • municipality of Bansko – ski resort of international importance with the best hotel infrastructure for winter and summer tourism, Dobrinishte – spa resort of regional importance.
    • Razlog municipality with SPA center “Katarino”, with the villages of Banya and Dobarsko, the reserve “Bayuvi dupki – Djindjiritsa” and the resort area “Predel”, the mountain municipalities of Belitsa and Yakoruda with the resorts “Semkovo” and “Treshtenik”.
    • the region of Gotse Delchev with the architectural reserves Kovachevitsa, Leshten and Dolen and with the Ognyanov mineral baths.
    • the region of Blagoevgrad with the rich base for cultural, festival and congress tourism, with the mineral water, the ski base in the Kartala locality and the proximity to the Rila Monastery and the Parangalitsa Nature Reserve.


    The current prices for monthly rent in Blagoevgrad are on average between 170 and 220 BGN, depending on the size of the dwelling, over 200 BGN per month are the rents for one-bedroom housing in Sandanski, Bansko and Petrich.

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