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    Dobrich Region

    Dobrich Region

    Two of Bulgaria’s open doors for war refugees are here – the border checkpoints Durankulak and Yovkovo. Cape Kaliakra on the Black Sea coast is a favorite place for filming companies from the United States, India and Germany. Hundreds of people celebrate the sunrise on July 1 every year on Kamen Bryag.

    Dobrich is twinned with Izmail, Ukraine.

    Dobrich District is located in northeastern Bulgaria and occupies most of southern Dobrudja. It falls in the easternmost part of the Danube hilly plain. Geographical factors have favored the preservation of a clean environment. There are no large polluting enterprises from the mining, energy or chemical industries on the territory of the district. Despite the intensive development of agriculture, in the territory of Dobrich there are places untouched by anthropogenic activity.

    The town of Dobrich is the administrative center of the district, including the municipalities of Balchik, General Toshevo, Kavarna, Krushari, Tervel and Shabla. The population is over 180 thousand people. The proximity to one of the largest cities in the country – Varna / 50 km / provides a great opportunity for diverse life, development and growth.


    Education & Child Care

    There are 96 kindergartens in Dobrich and other settlements in the district, and 11 independent nurseries. 87 are the primary and secondary schools – state, municipal and private, and the centers for support of personal development. Profiled training in the middle course in the specialties of agriculture, service sector, agricultural economy, mechanical engineering is also provided.

    The College at the University of Shumen in Dobrich offers training in Preschool Pedagogy and Foreign Language, Primary School Pedagogy and Foreign Language, Informatics and Information Technology, Primary School Pedagogy and Information Technology, Plant Protection. There are about 1000 students in Dobrich, studying at the Higher School of Management in Varna, majoring in hotel management, marketing and management, business administration, marketing and hotel management, Culinary Arts Program, specialties with English language teaching. A branch of the Technical University of Varna – Dobrudzha College of Technology is based in Dobrich, for training in Electronics, Agricultural Machinery and Technology, Operation and Repair of Transport Equipment.

    Industry & Jobs

    Good development in the whole region are trade and services, two are the structural determinants of industry – processing enterprises and light industry companies. Small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of the local economy. Construction and transport are developed.

    The demographic structure of the region highlights the potential for career development in the field of healthcare and education. The tourism industry provides 3,000 jobs a year.

    Agriculture is favored by fertile lands and climatic proximity to the sea. Here is mainly developed agriculture. It is no coincidence that Dobrudja is called “The granary of Bulgaria” – the natural conditions, especially the soil and climate are extremely suitable for growing cereals and some industrial crops – wheat, soybeans, corn, sunflower.


    Along the coast of Dobrudja are some of our most beautiful resorts and resort towns and villages – Albena, Rusalka, Balchik, Kavarna, Kranevo. There are still long beaches here, undeveloped and unpolluted by human activity. The further north you go, the more deserted and pristine the beaches are. This is an excellent prerequisite for the development of summer tourism in the region.

    Cultural & Historical Heritage

    Another reason for the development of tourism here are the many historical and archaeological finds that can be found almost everywhere. The entire coast of Dobrudja was inhabited by ancient Greek colonies, and in the early Middle Ages fortifications were built near some of the first Bulgarian cities. Remains over 120 centuries old have been found near Durankulak Lake. The first open-air prehistoric museum in Bulgaria was founded there. Remains of old towns and fortresses are also found in Balchik, in the area of ​​Yailata, on Cape Kaliakra. From more recent historical times, the Palace of the Romanian Queen Maria in the unique botanical garden in Balchik should be mentioned.


    Current rents for housing in the region are between BGN 300 and 500 per month.

    Important Contacts

    Employment Agency, Dobrich: 058/602 631

    Regional education management: RUO Dobrich | Regional Department of Education (ruodobrich.bg)

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