I am a Ukrainian citizen and I enter the territory of Bulgaria in a car with Ukrainian registration. Do I have to pay a toll tax for driving on the roads of Bulgaria?

No toll taxes are charged for any motor vehicle with a Ukrainian registration number (e-vignette for cars up to 3.5 tons and toll for trucks and buses over 3.5 tons), when using the national road network. introduced by a decision of the Council of Ministers and in force for the period from February 24 this year until the elimination of the need for humanitarian and medical assistance. humanitarian crisis.

All generated violations in the electronic system of vehicles with Ukrainian registration after February 24 are closed so that road vehicles can leave the territory of Bulgaria without hindrance.

The experts of the National Toll Administration are in constant contact with their colleagues from the Customs Agency, who carry out the last control of the vehicle before leaving the country. All Ukrainian cars and trucks are exempt from vignette and toll fee.