What documents do I need for starting work? (Ukrainian citizens)

Identity document / temporary protection card /
It is mandatory at the beginning of any work, and after checking the identity data, the document must be returned. The employer should keep a notarised copy of the person’s card in the person’s file.
Occupational license
If this is the first job, the employment record is provided by the employer, at his expense, within 5 days after the declaration submitted by you.
Medical examination document (issued by a doctor; fees might be applied)
Criminal record certificate
It should not normally be required unless required by law for the position held
Internship document
If required for the specific profession.
Document of completed education
(example: higher education), qualification, qualification or other certificate, if they are a condition for holding the position. Some documents should be recognized by Bulgarian institutions / so on. Protected professions. More information could be found here https://ukraine.gov.bg/education/.
The employer is obliged to notify the General Labor Inspectorate within 7 days of starting work through a form.