Can I acquire recognition of higher education diplomas obtained at foreign universities?

Recognition of higher education acquired in foreign higher education institutions, including higher education institutions in Ukraine, is carried out by different competent authorities depending on the purposes of the requested recognition.

For continuing education in Bulgaria after completing a period of study or obtaining a degree, raising qualifications or applying for a doctorate, the competent authority for recognition of foreign diplomas is the rector of the accredited Bulgarian higher education institution selected for this purpose.

The National Center for Information and Documentation (NACID) at the Ministry of Education and Science organises the procedure for academic recognition of the bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as the doctor’s degree and educational degree in order to facilitate market access to work in unregulated professions.

The necessary documents are the diploma of higher education and the appendix to it. They do not need certifications from Ukraine, but should be accompanied by a legalized translation into Bulgarian. The translator’s signature only needs notarization. More information about the academic recognition procedure itself can be found on the NACID website:

The exercise of a regulated profession in Bulgaria requires recognition by the relevant competent authority. Examples of regulated professions in the healthcare sector are: doctor, dentist, midwife, nurse, rehabilitator, etc .; from the maritime transport sector are: navigator, ship mechanic, ship electrician, etc. The full list of regulated professions in Bulgaria by categories, as well as the contacts of the competent authorities for each profession can be found on the NACID website: