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    Free medical help

    If you require urgent medical care, please dial the international emergency phone number 112


    On this page you will find hospitals and doctors offering free medical care for everyone fleeing from the war in Ukraine. 

    The doctors listed on this page speak Ukrainian or Russian and are volunteers from the National Association of Volunteers of the Republic of Bulgaria. If you are a doctor and want to become a volunteer or you are already listed on our page, you can write to our support team at support@ukraine.gov.bg NAVRB will contact you!  


    List of practicing personal doctors in Burgas, Varna, Sofia and Plovdiv here

    If you are unable to visit a hospital or a doctor, book an appointment for an online consultation here


    CibaLab Laboratory offers free vaccination against Covid 19 to all Ukrainian citizens arriving in Bulgaria. We have the following vaccines: Moderna, Pfizer and Janssen. The vaccination center is located in building 3, floor 2, office 202.

    University Hospital "St. Anna"

    Examinations will be performed in all available offices, by highly qualified doctors with all specialties available in the hospital.

    Sheynovo Hospital

    Available for women who are pregnant or need medical attention and consultation in obstetrics and gynecology.

    St. Sofia Hospital

    Free examinations and consultations for pregnant women and conditions for the birth of babies of all women citizens of Ukraine.

    Shterev Hospital

    Pregnant refugees from Ukraine can apply for a free ultrasound examination, examination by a fetal medicine specialist or recording of children’s heart tones. The necessary organization has been created in the clinic so that women can be examined in a timely manner without a language barrier.

    Specialized Eye Hospital "A.Pashev"

    The management and staff of the hospital are ready to provide assistance to people running from the war in Ukraine in the form of free examinations for adults and children.

    Patients must present their Ukrainian passport at the reception.

    Doctors in Sofia

    Burgas Hospital

    Every Ukrainian who needs hospital treatment will be examined and admitted.

    „Dr. Stamen Iliev“ Hospital

    Dr. Stamen Iliev Hospital AD joins the wave of sympathy for the victims of the war in Ukraine and is also ready to receive and treat Ukrainian refugees free of charge.

    Medicus Alpha Clinic

    Medicus Alpha Clinic in Plovdiv provides free and indefinite medical care for Ukrainian citizens.

    Doctors in Plovdiv

    Doctors in Varna

    Doctors in Ruse

    Doctors in Other Cities

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