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    Haskovo Region

    Haskovo Region

    In Haskovo you are greeted by the monument “Holy Mother of God”, recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest statue of the Virgin in the world.

    Haskovo District is located in southern Bulgaria and borders Turkey / Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint / and Greece / Ivaylovgrad border checkpoint /. It occupies parts of the Eastern Rhodopes and the Upper Thracian Plain. The climate is mild with a strong Mediterranean influence in the southeastern parts of the region. Three of the largest Bulgarian rivers flow through the district – Maritsa, Arda and Tundzha. From ancient times, roads connecting the Mediterranean with the interior of Thrace and the Rhodope Massif pass by them. An important transport artery is the Maritsa River, used to transport goods by water until the end of the 19th century.

    The administrative center is the town of Haskovo, the other municipalities are Dimitrovgrad, Ivaylovgrad, Lyubimets, Madjarovo, Mineralni Bani, Svilengrad, Simeonovgrad, Stambolovo, Topolovgrad and Harmanli. The population is over 220 thousand people.

    The oldest traces of life found so far in the modern Haskovo region date back to the Neolithic Age (VII – V millennium BC).
    In recent years, gold jewelry dating back to the 5th millennium BC has been discovered in the Sakar region. and are synchronous with those of the Varna necropolis from the Copper Stone Age – the oldest processed gold in Europe.


    Education & Child Care

    Today, 61 kindergartens operate in the district. The educational network is well developed, 79 are primary and secondary schools. Among the profiled schools are the Vocational High School of Transport in Haskovo, the Technical School of Industrial Chemistry in Dimitrovgrad, the Vocational High School of Woodworking and Construction in Haskovo, the Vocational High School of Agriculture in Svilengrad.

    A branch of the Thracian University – Stara Zagora has been opened in Haskovo, and several private specialized colleges operate.


    5 multidisciplinary hospitals are included in the district health structure, Center for emergency medical care, 4 specialized hospitals, Center for mental health.

    Industry & Jobs

    A favorable factor for the business profile of the region is the presence of a border with two countries – Greece and Turkey. Two key trans-continental roads cross the territory of the district. The first connects Western and Central Europe with Istanbul and Asia, and the second connects Northern Europe with the Mediterranean. The distance from the town of Haskovo to the border with Greece is 70 km, to Turkey – 80 km. The industry in Haskovo district is characterized by a well-developed industry structure and established market traditions. Large manufacturing companies are a major driver of the local economy, while small and medium-sized enterprises contribute to improving the business environment, accelerating economic growth and optimizing the production structure and overall economic stability of the region. The following industries are of dominant importance for the regional economy: chemical industry, wine production, production of food, beverages and tobacco products, garment and textile industry, construction and machine building for the food industry. In general, the regional economy and the priorities for the development of industry in Haskovo district are related to the establishment of the region as one of the main centers in the country in terms of mechanical engineering for the food industry; preserving the traditions in the field of textile and clothing industry; establishment of the district as one of the leading wine regions in the country.

    The area is known for its excellent grapes and the high quality wine produced from it. Today, all wine facilities in the district specialize in the production of high quality wines, which are well sold on the international market. As a result of the combination of favorable climatic conditions and the increased technological skills of local winemakers, Merlot wines with a controlled designation of origin and declared geographical region have established themselves in the region. The largest wine companies in the district are: “New Industrial Company” Haskovo, Wine House “Sakar” JSC Lyubimets, “Katarzhina Estate” Svilengrad, “Terra Tangra” Ltd. Harmanli, “Wine Cellar Stambolovo”, Cellar “Yamantievi” Ivaylovgrad. The food industry on the territory of the district is represented by bakery and confectionery, meat processing industry, dairy and canning industry. In the field of bakery and confectionery in Haskovo region there are many private companies, bakeries and confectionery shops, meat and dairy companies. The largest and most famous meat processing companies in the region are: “Lotus” Ltd. Dimitrovgrad, “Svarex” Ltd. Haskovo, “Burdenis 93” Ltd. Svilengrad, “Roni” Ltd. Harmanli. The sewing and knitting industries are very well developed in the Haskovo district, where both large companies and many small and medium-sized enterprises operate, located relatively evenly throughout the district. The most famous companies in this field are: Mir AD Haskovo, Dimana AD Harmanli, Diamond Haskovo, Delena AD Haskovo, Adeli Haskovo. The chemical industry in the district is represented by one of the largest factories – producers of fertilizers in the country – “Neochim” JSC – Dimitrovgrad. The company is the only producer in Bulgaria of formalin, urea-formaldehyde resins, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite, ammonium bicarbonate, liquefied sulfur dioxide, paradise gas, polyethylene oxide, glass-filled thermoplastics.

    Waiters, bartenders, financial specialists are among those in demand at the labor exchange.

    Cultural & Historical Heritage

    The favorable climate, the beautiful and clean nature, and the unique flora and fauna are a key factor determining the opportunities for tourism development in Haskovo region. Another prerequisite is the rich cultural and historical heritage of the region: architectural monuments from antiquity and the Middle Ages, archaeological values, monuments from the Renaissance (fortresses, monasteries, old churches and houses), historical sites and museums. 20 km. from Haskovo is the spa resort Mineralni Bani. The unique in composition and healing properties mineral water in the complex / with the only European analogue of the resort “Karlovy Vary” / attracts Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

    Among the landmarks of Haskovo region are the sanctuary near the village of Dolni Glavanak, 8th century BC, the Thracian cult center near the village of Malko Gradishte, the attractive rock tomb near the village of Pchelari, the Roman villa “Armira” near Ivaylovgrad.


    The average rent for a home is BGN 300-400 per month.

    Important Contacts

    Haskovo Labor Office – 038 662060

    Regional education management: Regional Department of Education – Haskovo (ruo-haskovo.bg)

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