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    Kardzhali Region

    Kardzhali Region

    Here is Perperikon – one of the most ancient monumental megalithic monuments, completely carved into the rocks.

    Kardzhali District is located in southern Bulgaria, in the Eastern Rhodopes and occupies a large part of the valley along the upper and middle reaches of the Arda River. The region borders on the south and southeast – with Greece. The center of the administrative district is the town of Kardzhali. The administrative-territorial boundaries of the district include seven municipalities – Ardino, Djebel, Kirkovo, Krumovgrad, Kardzhali, Momchilgrad and Chernoochene. The number of settlements in them is 468. The population is over 150 thousand people.

    The length of the common border of Kardzhali district with Greece is about 90 km. The border situation of the district is favorable in terms of opportunities for its development and for cross-border cooperation. The European Transport Corridor (OETK) passes through the territory of Kardzhali district № 9 Helsinki – St. Petersburg – Moscow / Pskov – Kyiv – Lyubashevka – Chisinau – Bucharest – Ruse – Dimitrovgrad – Makaza Pass – Alexandroupolis. The Makaza-Nimfeya border checkpoint, located 50 km from the town of Kardzhali, is a preferred crossing point for light commercial vehicles. Through it the connection between the Baltic and North Seas and the movement along the axis Russia, Romania, Bulgaria – Greece and the Aegean region is realized. The distance between Kardzhali and Komotini, Greece, is 78 km, and the port of Alexandroupolis, Greece – 170 km from the regional center of Kardzhali.


    Education & Child Care

    The network of educational institutions has an optimal structure for general education, vocational training and obtaining a higher education degree.

    There are 175 educational institutions in the district – kindergartens -74; schools – 87 / primary, basic, secondary, profiled, professional, plastic theological school /.

    There are also 7 dormitories and boarding houses on the territory of the district / mainly in the municipal centers /.

    The Lyuben Karavelov branch of Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski offers training in Kardzhali to students majoring in Pedagogy, Educational Pedagogy, Administration and Management, Tourism and Biological Sciences. A branch of the University of Mining and Geology acquires general engineering training, with more closely profiled knowledge and skills in the field of geology, mining, energy and raw materials, civil and industrial construction, environmental protection.


    5 are the multidisciplinary hospitals on the territory of Kardzhali district, the health care is provided by a number of medical centers for outpatient care.

    Industry & Jobs

    Kardzhali district is rich in natural minerals and has established traditions in the field of processing and mining. Significant economic growth is marked by construction and enterprises in the textile, knitwear and food industries. The district has the best traditions in Bulgaria in the cultivation of oriental tobacco and raw material base for the development of non-ferrous metallurgy, gold mining, timber mining, non-metallic minerals processing, mechanical engineering and light industry. An important place in the economic development of Kardzhali district is occupied by the processing industry. The companies in the industry specialize in the processing of non-metallic and ore minerals and the production of lead, zinc, tin and their alloys, plastic products, bentonite, perlite and zeolite products, as well as products after metalworking. One of the leading companies in the region is OCC AD – Kardzhali, whose activity is the production of lead, zinc, tin and their alloys. Metalworking and production of plastic products is represented by Monek-South AD – Kardzhali, Pneumatics-Serta AD – Kardzhali, Dzhebel-96 OOD – Dzhebel, Formoplast AD – Kardzhali and Kirkovo OOD – Kirkovo.

    Important for the region sub-sectors of the processing industry are the textile and clothing industry, where a significant part of foreign direct investment – Greece, Turkey, Germany and the Netherlands. The largest producers are: Shahinler-Bulgaria OOD – Kardzhali, Artex-Bulgaria EOOD – Momchilgrad, Bulfanko AD – Kardzhali and Modak OOD – Kardzhali.

    The companies in the sector for production of food products, beverages and tobacco products are oriented mainly in bakery, confectionery, milk processing, meat processing and tobacco processing. Leading companies in these productions are “Hleboproizvodstvo” AD – Kardzhali, “KIPS” OOD – Kardzhali and ET “Alada” – Byal Izvor. The tobacco processing enterprises that are main for the sector are: Kardzhali-Bulgartabac AD – Kardzhali and Mladost-95 Cooperative – Momchilgrad.

    The most dynamically developing sector in Kardzhali district is construction. In this sector, the cost of tangible fixed assets has doubled in the last year. The main representatives in the branch are: Ardastroy OOD – Kardzhali, Savarona EOOD – Kardzhali, Rodopastroy OOD – Momchilgrad and Patstroyengineering AD – Kardzhali. Logging is very well developed in the six forestries of the district. The region has great potential for attracting foreign investment.

    Drivers, warehouse workers, workers in restaurants and shops are wanted at the labor exchange.

    Cultural & Historical Heritage

    Numerous historical and cultural landmarks are located on the map of Kardzhali region.

    Perperikon is an archeological complex, inhabited 8000 years ago, during the Stone Age, after which it was a sacred rock city among the Thracians, and later Romans, Byzantines and Bulgarians lived there. Today there you can see the remains of the ancient city of Perperikon, the tomb of the rulers, monuments from antiquity, the remains of a medieval fortress. Perperikon is the largest megalithic complex on the Balkan Peninsula.

    The Stone Wedding or as it is also called The Petrified Wedding is located 4 km east of Kardzhali, near the village of Zimzelen. According to research, rock formations began to form 40 million years ago as a result of underwater volcanic activity. They are about 10 m high and cover an area of ​​50 decares.

    The Monastery of the Assumption is an Orthodox spiritual center and is located in the town of Kardzhali, in the Gledka district. In the courtyard of the monastery is located the chapel around the well Life-giving source, which is believed that the Mother of God says that many will find healing in him and that he is blessed. An extremely valuable relic for the monastery is a part of the Holy Cross preserved here.

    Monyak Fortress is located in the Eastern Rhodopes, near the town of Kardzhali. It is one of the highest and largest medieval fortresses in the Rhodopes. It dates from the 12th – 13th century.

    The beautiful meanders of the Arda River can be seen in the middle reaches of the river. There it meanders among the huge rock massifs and domes of the Eastern Rhodopes.


    Between BGN 300 and BGN 500 is the monthly rent for a home.

    Important Contacts

    Kardzhali Labor Office – 036 166 562

    Regional education management: Regional Department of Education – Kardzhali (ruo-kardzhali.bg)

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