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    Lovech Region

    Lovech Region

    One of the Bulgarian kings – Ivan Sratsimir, was born in Lovech in the 14th century. Due to the hard-working and rich craftsmen here, in the 17th and 18th centuries Lovech was called “Alton Lovech”, i.e. “Golden Lovech”.

    Lovech is twinned with Izyaslav, Ukraine.

    Lovech district is located on the northern slopes of the Central Balkan Mountains and at the beginning of the Danube plain. The administrative center is the town of Lovech, 7 are the other municipalities – Apriltsi, Letnitsa, Lukovit, Teteven, Troyan, Ugarchin, Yablanitsa. The population is over 140 thousand people.

    The larger rivers that pass through the region are Osam, Vit, Zlatna Panega. There are eight reserves and protected areas in this area, which are part of the huge Central Balkan National Park. Among them the most famous are the reserves: “Goat’s Wall”, “Steneto”, “Boatin” and “Tsarichina”.

    Two main transport arteries pass through the territory of the district – road E-772 / Yablanitsa – Sevlievo – Veliko Tarnovo – Targovishte / and E-83 / Yablanitsa – Lukovit – Pleven – Byala /.


    Education & Child Care

    There are 46 kindergartens in the district – all-day kindergartens and united kindergartens with nursery groups.

    The educational system in the district is well developed with a total of 61 schools. The secondary schools train specialists with good general and professional qualification, corresponding to the specifics of the region – High School for Foreign Languages ​​”Exarch Joseph I” – Lovech, Veterinary Medical and Leather Technical School – Lovech, Technical School of Forestry and Woodworking – Tete , Secondary School of Applied Arts – Troyan, Vocational School of Tourism – Apriltsi, High School for training mountain rescuers Cherni Osam, Troyan municipality.

    As a unit of the Technical University – Gabrovo, in Lovech was established Technical College for training students with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, communication and computer technology.


    The health care of the population is provided by providing outpatient and inpatient medical care. The hospital care on the territory of Lovech district is provided by seven medical establishments. Four of them are multidisciplinary hospitals for active treatment – one district in Lovech and three municipal in the cities of Troyan, Teteven and Lukovit, a specialized hospital for active treatment of lung diseases in Troyan and two state psychiatric hospitals – in Lovech and Karlukovo station.

    Industry & Jobs

    The leading economic branches for the district are the production of food and beverages; production of machinery and equipment for general and special purposes; production of wood, paper, cardboard and articles thereof, pharmaceuticals, printing.

    On the territory of Lovech district are leading the timber and wood processing industry, production of furniture and office equipment, production of machinery and equipment for general and special purposes, pharmaceuticals, cement production, processing of animal products, tourism.

    “Trade, repair of motor vehicles and household appliances” and “Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing” occupy a smaller share in the economy.

    Cultural & Historical Heritage

    There are many natural landmarks on the territory of Lovech district. South of the Vidima district of the town of Apriltsi is the 80-meter waterfall “Vidimsko Praskalo” on the river Praskalska. In the Devetashko karst plateau are some of the largest cave complexes in Bulgaria and almost all other types of karst forms. Devetashka Cave with a length of 2440 meters and is one of the largest caves in the country.

    The area of ​​the village of Krushuna is defined as a model area of ​​karst protected areas in Bulgaria in view of their sustainable development. Here is the natural landmark “Maarata” part of the eponymous forest park. Near the village of Brestnitsa is the Saeva Dupka cave, declared a national tourist site. It was formed more than 1 million years ago by tectonic limestone. Its length is 400 meters, with a height of 5 to 17 meters. The unique cave formations – stalactites, stalagmites and stalactons, turn it into a real underground palace.

    In the vicinity of Lukovit are the beautiful canyon of the river Zlatna Panega and unique rock formations in the Karlukovo karst plateau.

    There are prerequisites for the development of ecological, cultural and balneological tourism in the region. 10 km from Troyan is the famous not only in Bulgaria Troyan Monastery “Assumption”. It is the third largest in Bulgaria, after the Rila and Bachkovo monasteries.


    BGN 300-400 per month is the price for renting a home.

    Important Contacts

    Lovech Labor Office – 069 412 294

    Regional education management: RUO-Lovech: News (ruo-lovech.bg)

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