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    Montana Region

    Montana Region

    Montana has its Roman name from antiquity. In the time of Emperor Constantine the Great, Montana was a cult settlement with a sanctuary of its patrons Diana and Apollo.

    Montana District is located in northwestern Bulgaria. Administratively, the district is divided into eleven municipalities: Berkovitsa, Boychinovtsi, Brusartsi, Varshets, Vulchedrum, Georgi Damyanovo, Lom, Medkovets, Montana, Chiprovtsi and Yakimovo. Its northern border is on the Danube River. The administrative center is the city of Montana. The population is over 140 thousand people. The rivers Ogosta, Tsibritsa and Lom pass to the Danube through the territory of the district. Two of the European transport corridors of the TINA network – corridor № 4 (road E 79) Vidin-Montana-Vratsa-Sofia-Kulata (RP I-1) and corridor № 7 (Danube river) pass from here, as well as the shortest road from Vidin to Sofia – second class road II – 81 through the Stara Planina pass Petrohan, which also serves the port of Lom, providing it with a connection to the Greek port of Thessaloniki.

    The mineral springs are among the valuable natural wealth of the area. Of national importance are the hot mineral springs in the town of Varshets and the village of Spanchevtsi, used to treat cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, endocrine-metabolic, musculoskeletal system. Springs with hot mineral water, which may be of economic importance, are located in the villages of Barzia, Borovtsi and Zamfirovo.


    Education & Child Care

    There are 53 children’s institutions in the district – all-day kindergartens and united institutions with nursery groups.

    68 are primary, secondary and vocational schools. There is a vocational high school in construction, architecture and computer science in Montana, a vocational high school in nutrition and agriculture in Lom, and a health school in Varshets.

    In the city of Montana is located the local distance center of the Higher School of Agribusiness and Regional Development – Plovdiv, training students in bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business management, agricultural economics, finance and banking.


    There are 4 multidisciplinary hospitals and 3 medical centers in the district.

    Industry & Jobs

    The district is not in the lead in terms of gross domestic product per capita.

    The mining and processing industry, production and traffic of electricity, waste management and recovery, agriculture and forestry and fishing are represented.

    Structurally, micro and small enterprises predominate. The leading company in Montana is the company “Monbat”, which produces over 1 million lead-acid batteries annually, with sales in Greece, Macedonia, Hungary, Belarus, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Turkey, England, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic , South America and the Middle East. Here are designed and manufactured batteries for cars and trucks, locomotives, military aircraft and helicopters.

    Among the larger industrial enterprises are Monolit – for extraction and processing of stone blocks, the Bulgarian-Dutch company for metal products “Balkan”, “Ceramic Invest” for the production of terracotta and faience tiles.

    Labor exchanges offer places for international drivers, construction workers, for seasonal work in agriculture and tourism.

    Cultural & Historical Heritage

    Historical landmarks and natural resources stimulate the development of tourism in the area. The most famous historical monuments and places are the architectural complex “Lapidarium”, the historical place Kale Bair, “Ashiklar Eco”. South of the city are the remains of the Roman fortress Castro ad Montanesium. Only 22 km west of the town is the Lopushan Monastery. Montana Dam is located south of the city and is a wonderful place for recreation, sports, water tourism and fishing.

    The surroundings of the town of Berkovitsa are famous for the best raspberries in Bulgaria. The patriarch of Bulgarian literature – Ivan Vazov, dedicates a poem to the raspberries from Berkovitsa, who are gathering fruit for a Jewish company producing jam, liqueur and raspberry wine. Vazov is considered the founder of tourism in Berkovitsa.

    At the foot of Todorini Kukli peak in the Balkan Mountains is the town of Varshets – a famous spa resort with several hot mineral springs. Chiprovtsi is another interesting settlement dating back to Thracian times. Since then, the people here have been mining. The village is named after a copper coin. Chiprovtsi is also a famous craft center. Goldsmithing in the 16th and 17th centuries developed best here and made Chiprovtsi the largest goldsmith’s center on the Balkan Peninsula at that time. Churches, monasteries, schools, rich and beautiful houses were built during this economic and cultural boom. In the 19th century, the carpet industry developed the fastest. The famous Chiprovtsi carpets are handmade from real wool on a vertical loom. Even today, these rugs are sold all over the world.


    The announced rents for homes in the district are between BGN 300 and 400 per month.

    Important Contacts

    Montana Labor Office – 096 300 312

    Regional Department of Education – RUO – Montana – REGIONAL DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION – MONTANA (ruo-montana.bg)

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