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    Pernik Region

    Pernik Region

    The longest cave in Bulgaria – Duhlata, is located here. Here is the medieval fortress Krakra, associated with the name Krakra Pernishki, a prominent boyar in the time of Bulgarian King Samuel, military leader of the fortress, who fought independent battles against the Byzantine Empire.

    Pernik is twinned with Luhansk, Ukraine.

    Pernik District is located in Western Bulgaria and in the geographical center of the Balkan Peninsula. The municipalities of Breznik, Zemen, Kovachevtsi, Radomir and Trun are included in the district of Pernik, and the administrative and economic center is the town of Pernik. The population is over 130 thousand people.

    The main road connections of European and Balkan importance pass through the territory of the district: European transport corridor № IV – Dresden – Prague – Bratislava – Győr – Budapest – Arad – Craiova – Sofia – Plovdiv – Istanbul, with a branch Sofia – Kulata – Thessaloniki is a road, connecting the countries of Central Europe with the Aegean Sea (port of Thessaloniki); European Transport Corridor No. VIII -Duras- Tirana – Kaftan / Kafasan – Skopje – Deve Bair – Gueshevo – Sofia – Plovdiv – Burgas – (Varna) is the link between the Adriatic Sea and the countries of the Black Sea region, Russia and Central Asia and crosses Albania , Macedonia and Bulgaria. Lyulin motorway is the route for transporting goods from Greece to Vienna. The railway lines passing through the district are part of the international lines: Sofia – Athens and Sofia – Skopje. The nearest airport is only 40 km from the district center.

    The region has great opportunities for regional cooperation – both with neighboring areas and for participation in cross-border cooperation with the Republic of Serbia.

    Among the protected areas in the district are the Duhlata Cave, the natural habitat of wild peony near the village of Izvor, the centuries-old oak forest in the Yankevets area.


    Education & Child Care

    The district educational structure includes 26 kindergartens – all-day, united with nursery groups, kindergartens to schools. 45 are registered schools, among which the ones profiled in secondary education are Mathematical High School and Sports School in Pernik, language, economics, agriculture.

    The European Polytechnic University in Pernik is a private university, its academic profile for the bachelor’s and master’s degrees is in computer science, computer science, architecture and urban planning, civil engineering and innovative entrepreneurship.


    One multidisciplinary and 4 specialized hospitals serve the health population of Pernik district, supported by the Emergency Center, dialysis center, medical and dental centers.

    Industry & Jobs

    The mining and processing industry, the supply of electricity and heat, gaseous fuels and water are the leading sectors in the economic structure of the district. Among large enterprises are Stomana Industries, Kolhida Metal, Radomir Industries, Sami M. The predominant are small and medium enterprises, providing more than half of the gross product of the district.

    Trade workers, international drivers and agricultural workers are wanted on the job market.

    Cultural & Historical Heritage

    Pernik is a member of the Federation of European Carnival Cities because of the biggest cultural event in the city – the traditional (since 1966) Mummer’s Festival “Surva”, which is held every year on the last Saturday and Sunday in January. It is attended by over 5,000 people from 100 Survakar groups from the country and abroad. The participants are called “mummers” and chase evil through songs, dances and grotesque masks. Each participant in the masquerade makes his own mask, “his other face”, but there are also masters who make masks for their friends and relatives.

    Sights that are worth visiting in the Pernik region are the Underground Mining Museum in Pernik, the Zemen Monastery “St. John the Theologian ”, the Museum of Yogurt and the Museum Complex“ Businska Keramika ”in the town of Trun.


    Between BGN 300 and BGN 500 is the monthly rent for a home.

    Important Contacts

    Pernik Labor Office – 076 600 327

    Regional education management: Regional Department of Education – Pernik (ruobg.com)

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