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    Plovdiv Region

    Plovdiv Region

    Plovdiv is the sixth oldest city in the world and one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria – with its Old Town, the ancient theater of Roman times, the artistic district “Kapana” and its street “Zlatarska”. In 2019, Plovdiv was the European Capital of Culture.

    Plovdiv is twinned with Donetsk and Lviv, Ukraine.

    Plovdiv District is located in the central part of Southern Bulgaria. There are 18 municipalities – Asenovgrad, Brezovo, Kaloyanovo, Karlovo, Krichim, Kuklen, Lucky, Perushtitsa, Parvomay, Rakovski, Sadovo, Sopot, Stamboliyski, Saedinenie, Hissarya, Maritsa, Rodopi and the administrative center – Plovdiv. The population is over 670 thousand people. The ethnic diversity in the district is great, because Bulgarians, Turks, Armenians, Roma, Jews, Karakachans and others live on its territory. It is for this reason that Plovdiv is known as the capital of tolerance.

    Plovdiv region has a well-developed road infrastructure, located on the highway “Trakia”, part of the Pan-European Transport Corridor 8, reaching the city of Burgas (272 km.). Plovdiv is served by four passenger stations – Central Station, Filipovo Station, Trakia Station, Proslav Station and Freight Station and three bus stations – North Bus Station, South Bus Station and Rodopi Bus Station. Plovdiv International Airport is located 12 km southeast of the city, near the village of Krumovo. Serves passenger, cargo and business flights.


    Education & Child Care

    The educational structure of the district is very well developed. There are 170 kindergartens – all-day and half-day, united kindergartens with nursery groups, in Plovdiv there is a special kindergarten for children with hearing impairments. There are 210 schools in the district – primary and secondary, vocational, including mathematics, language, technology and computer science, economics and trade, arts.

    On the territory of the district are located some of the best universities and colleges in the country:

    • Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv
    • Technical University – Plovdiv branch
    • Medical University
    • Agrarian University
    • University of Food Technology
    • Academy of Music and Dance
    • European University of Economics and Management
    • Higher School of Security and Economics
    • Higher School of Agribusiness and Regional Development
    • Omega Private Vocational College
    • Medical College
    • John Atanassov Technical College
    • Private Vocational College “Delta”


    The health care is at a high level. 36 medical institutions are included in the register of the Ministry of Health for the district, among them are university hospitals, multidisciplinary and specialized patients, outpatient care centers, specialized medical institutions.

    Industry & Jobs

    Priority industries in Plovdiv district are agriculture, food industry, tourism, garment and textile industry, wood processing and furniture industry. The growth of the IT sector, outsourcing, manufacturing, business services and communication services is also great. These are the sectors with the most significant contribution to the employment of graduates and qualified staff.

    Among the largest employers are Tobacco Trade, Insa Oil, KCM, Liebherr Maritza, VMZ, United Dairy Company, Bulpharma.

    The labor market offers jobs in restaurants, garages, shops, work online.

    Cultural & Historical Heritage

    Plovdiv and the region are among the most important tourist destinations that glorify Bulgaria in the world with its vast cultural and historical heritage and rich archeology. Plovdiv is the oldest living city in Europe and the sixth oldest city in the world. Tourist area endowed with abundant nature with resources – mountains, valleys, valleys, rock formations, caves, lakes, dams, rivers, mineral and karst waters, diverse flora and fauna, as well as a unique anthropogenic resource – Thracian and medieval fortresses, Revival settlements, religious temples, fairs, architectural, ethnographic and folklore reserves. The possibilities for combining cultural with health, rural, spa and sports tourism in the region are very diverse.

    A number of remarkable tourist sites are located in the area.

    The Thracian cult complex Starosel. The tomb, together with the adjacent cult complex of ancient Thracian tombs and temples are located in the central part of Hissarya Municipality. Archaeological finds in the area of the village of Starosel testify to ancient settlements from 7-8 millennia ago.

    The mineral springs in Hisarya. About 45 km from Plovdiv. The combination of excellent climate, thermal mineral deposit with 22 mineral springs and cultural and historical heritage make the city and region a kind of attraction for treatment and tourism. A part of the fortress wall, 2315 m long, with four entrances is preserved, the most famous being the southern gate called “Kamilite” – the main city gate to Trimontium (Plovdiv), the baths, the amphitheater from the IV century with an arena area of ​​765 square meters. .m, late Roman residential buildings, early Christian basilicas, necropolis and tombs.

    Assen’s fortress on the way to the Bachkovo monastery. The fortress was built during the time of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian the Great (527-565) in the VI century.

    Cross Forest – a holy place that gave mental and physical healing to many believers. Belintash – an ancient Thracian sanctuary without analogue in our lands, 50 km south of Plovdiv. Belintash is a unique rock peak with 1,225 meters above sea level. The sanctuary is located on it. At the foot of the rock there is an inexhaustible spring, and near it in the rocks was found a unique silver votive tablet of the Thracian deity Sabazios, god of fertility according to the ancient cult of the Thracians.

    About 60 km north of Plovdiv, between Sredna Gora and Stara Planina is the Valley of Roses – the kingdom of the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose, which produces recognized for its exceptional qualities rose oil – a major ingredient in the global perfume and cosmetics industry.

    The ways of wine. Asenovgrad Winery is famous for the production of white and red wines. The wine from the Bulgarian variety Mavrud is especially popular. Asenovgrad Mavrud is a brand name for wine of this variety. Wine cellar “Villa Justina” is located on the outskirts of the Rhodopes in the village of Ustina, 26 km from Plovdiv, a region with a rich wine history. Starosel also has its own winery with attractive tastings for tourists and connoisseurs.


    Rental prices for homes are between BGN 400 and 600 per month.

    Important Contacts

    Coordination Center Plovdiv – Ukraine
    tel: +359 32 605515
    mob. +359 87 918 22 50
    Viber, Telegram: +359 87 918 22 50
    email: ukr@pd.government.bg

    Labor Office Plovdiv – 032 649 640

    Regional education management: Regional Department of Education – Plovdiv (ruobg.com)

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