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    Razgrad Region

    Razgrad Region

    Red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, bison, wolves and jackals are bred in one of the largest reserves in Bulgaria, 30 km from Razgrad – “Voden-Iri Hisar”. Near Razgrad is one of the most magical places of worship – Demir Baba Teke.

    Razgrad District is located in the northeastern part of Bulgaria, most of the district is located in the Ludogorsko plateau. In the southern part it is hilly, and in the north it merges with the Dobrudzha plain and the Danube fields.

    It includes 7 municipalities: the administrative center Razgrad, Isperih, Kubrat, Zavet, Loznitsa, Samuil and Tsar Kaloyan, and 104 settlements, of which 6 cities and 98 villages. The population is over 120 thousand people.


    Education & Child Care

    In Razgrad district there is a diverse school structure and a network of kindergartens. The total number of schools is 150 – 85 kindergartens are 85, general schools – 52, vocational schools – 10, special schools – 3. Special schools are two auxiliary for mentally retarded children and one is an educational boarding school in the town of Zavet.

    In the town of Razgrad there is a branch of the University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev” for training students in three specialties – chemical technology, biotechnology and food technology.


    The medical establishments in the district provide inpatient and outpatient care. 3 are the multidisciplinary hospitals for active treatment – MHAT “St. Ivan Rilski – Razgrad ”with 53% state participation and 2 municipal hospitals -“ MHAT – Isperih ”EOOD and“ MHAT-Kubrat ”.

    Outpatient care in the district is provided by 54 outpatient clinics for primary care – 26 are in Razgrad municipality, 10 are in Isperih municipality, 7 – in Kubrat municipality, 4 – in Loznitsa municipality, 3 – in Samuil municipality, 2 – in Samuil municipality King Kaloyan. Specialized outpatient care is provided by 105 outpatient clinics – and 10 medical centers. The emergency medical services in Razgrad have branches in Isperih, Kubrat, Tsar Kaloyan and Loznitsa.

    Industry & Jobs

    The leading industries in the economy of Razgrad District are agriculture, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, clothing, food and light industry, mechanical engineering, construction, trade and services.

    Small enterprises with up to 9 employees have the largest share in the economy of Razgrad district.

    Structural enterprises are:

    • Pharmaceuticals: Biovet AD, Balkanpharma AD, Zavet AD
    • Ceramics: Khan Asparuh AD
    • Mechanical Engineering: Traction AD, Druzhba AD, MAT OOD, Inox OOD, Ralomex AD, Dobrudja-KIT AD
    • Light industry: Micro-67 AD, Ludogorie 91 AD, Razgrad Poligraf OOD, Dobrev Press EOOD
    • Agriculture: Agrotime OOD, Annona Grain AD, Agrocom OOD, Agrostil OOD, Agrobul-R OOD, Agrotech OOD, Severagro EOOD, Agrotida OOD, Klass Ltd., ET “ASOTEX” – H. Chakar
    • Sewing industry: MAGI-KA OOD, Melissa-Textile OOD, Ahinora AD, Melissa-Textile OOD, Semela OOD
    • Food industry: “Mill – 97” AD
    • Manufacturing industry: Amilum Bulgaria EAD, Pilko EOOD, AVIS AD, Octopus OOD
    • Construction: Road Construction AD, Stroymontazh EAD, Abritus EOOD, Stroitel EAD, Ludogorie OOD.

    The job market offers jobs for drivers, shop workers, warehouse and construction workers, waiters and kitchen helpers.

    Cultural & Historical Heritage

    Among the most famous cultural monuments is the national historical and archaeological reserve “Sboryanovo” in the Municipality of Isperih (between the villages of Malak Porovets and Sveshtari) with an area of ​​6,470 decares and a protection zone of 13,304 decares. Within the reserve is one of the nine cultural monuments in Bulgaria under the protection of UNESCO – the Thracian tomb near the village of Sveshtari, declared a monument of cultural and historical heritage in 1985. In 2012 on the territory of the reserve was discovered a unique gold Thracian treasure from the end of the 4th century BC.

    The Abritus Historical and Archaeological Reserve – the Roman name of Razgrad, with an area of ​​1,000 decares presents the fortification system of the ancient city, which has been studied and partially restored, exhibited and accessible to tourists. The Ibrahim Pasha Mosque in Razgrad is a unique monument of Islamic culture (1614), the second largest in Bulgaria, after the Tombul Mosque in Shumen. The cultural life in Razgrad district is complemented by the activities of several professional formations – Razgrad Philharmonic Orchestra “Professor Dimitar Nenov”, Professional Trap Ensemble Razgrad, Folklore Music and Dance Ensemble at Chitalishte “Napredak”, School of Folk Dance, Folk Dance Ensemble “Abritu”.


    The average price for renting a home is 450 leva.

    Important Contacts

    Labor Office Razgrad – 084 752 307

    Regional education management: Home (ruo-razgrad.com)

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