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    Social Support

    Assistance for displaced people from Ukraine

    If you have temporary protection status, you can apply for one-time assistance.

    The aid amounts to BGN 375 and is granted to a family (single or with several members).

    Contact the Social Assistance Directorate at your address of residence (eg hotel). You can find the address, contact phone number and e-mail of the Social Assistance Directorate at your place of residence at the following link:

    You must provide for reference a Registration Card of a foreigner with temporary protection, your personal document from the country of origin and an Address Card of a foreigner (issued to you by the Migration Directorate at the Regional Office of the Ministry of Interior or the hotel where you reside) . The documents are submitted for reference.
    An application is filled in, in which data about you and your family members are declared.

    Within 27 days after submitting the application, you will be notified whether you have been granted the one-off assistance.

    You can receive the granted assistance in a post office serving the address where you live, or in a personal Bulgarian bank account.

    If you are staying in a hotel and the costs of your stay there are paid by the Bulgarian state, there is no obstacle to apply for a one-time social assistance.

    In order to be able to use the services of the Social Assistance Agency, you must:

    • have a valid identity document issued by the Bulgarian authorities
    • be registered at the current address by the municipal administration in the settlement where you have settled
    • contact the Social Assistance Directorate at your current address


    You must have been granted asylum status, refugee status, humanitarian status, temporary protection, long-term or permanent residence permit in the Republic of Bulgaria.

    If you have dual citizenship, one of which is Bulgarian, you can use your rights to social protection as Bulgarian citizens!

    Where you can issue social support?

    Social Assistance Directorate 

    The address, contact phone number and e-mail of the Social Assistance Directorate at your current address can be found at the following link: https://asp.government.bg/bg/kontakti/teritorialni-strukturi

    Social Assistance 

    Access to social benefits:

    At the Social Assistance Directorate (depending on your current address) you must submit an application-declaration for assessment of the right to assistance with:

    • one-time social assistance in the amount of up to BGN 375. ;
    • one-time social assistance for issuing an ID card;
    • monthly social assistance;
    • targeted heating aid (submission period from 1 July to 31 October)

    Important for you to know! 

    If you are unemployed within 3 months from the issuance of the residence permit in Bulgaria, you must register with the “Labor Office” Directorate.

    No registration in the “Labor Office” Directorate is required:

    • for pregnant women after 3 months;
    • for mothers of children up to 3 years of age;
    • for a person with a permanent disability;
    • if you are caring for a seriously ill family member.

    IF YOU ARE ENTITLED TO MONTHLY SOCIAL ASSISTANCE, you must work 4 hours of community service for a period of 14 days each month.

    If you are a person with a permanent disability, the degree of permanently reduced working capacity or the type and degree of disability must be determined in accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Bulgaria.

    Social Services

    Access to social services:

    If you wish, you can submit an application for the use of social services to the Social Assistance Directorate. The Directorates will provide you with complete information on the types of appropriate social services, the terms and conditions for their use.

    Stateless persons and persons seeking protection, as well as homeless persons and persons who due to health and / or mental problems cannot for objective reasons certify their current address, are directed by the NSP at their place of residence.

    Important for you to know!

    In case you apply for social services, you should:

    • Submit an application to the Directorate of Social Assistance at the place of residence.
    • A preliminary needs assessment will be prepared in a timely manner in order to refer you to a social service.

    Social services will give you access to:

    • temporary shelter;
    • information and consultation;
    • advocacy and mediation;
    • therapy and rehabilitation;
    • day and resident care.

    Suitable social services within the meaning of the Bulgarian legislation in which you will receive support are Crisis Centers, Day Care Centers, Centers for Social Rehabilitation and Integration, Centers for Public Support, Mother and Baby Unit and Homes for the Elderly.

    For granting one-time social assistance to meet incidental needs, which amounts to BGN 375, an application-declaration is submitted according to a sample (https://asp.government.bg/bg/deynosti/sotsialno-podpomagane/sotsialni-pomoshti ) in the Social Assistance Directorate (SSA) at the current address or residence of the person.

    The addresses and telephone numbers of the NSP in the country can be found here: https://asp.government.bg/bg/kontakti/teritorialni-strukturi.

    The application should be filled in in Bulgarian, indicating the desired method of payment of the aid – in cash through a licensed postal operator or non-cash, with a specified personal payment account in a Bulgarian bank. Social employees of the “Social Assistance” directorates assist can assist you while filling the declaration.

    The following documents shall be submitted to the application for reference:

    • “Registration card of a foreigner who has been granted temporary protection”;
    • identity document from Ukraine;
    • “Address card of a foreigner” issued by the Migration Directorate at the Regional Office of the Ministry of Interior or the hotel where the person is staying

    Within 20 days from the submission of the application, a social survey is conducted and, depending on the established circumstances, an order for granting or refusing to grant the aid is issued within 7 days.
    The payment of the granted social assistance is made by the end of the month following the month of submitting the application-declaration according to the way chosen by the person.

    Child Protection

    Who can you contact:

    • Child Protection Department in the Social Assistance Directorate
    • National hotline for children 116 111 – reporting, counselling and support

    Important for you to know!

    Child Protection Department in the Social Assistance Directorate:

    • Organises immediate assistance to children in distress, incl. counselling and social support;
    • Directs to counselling services for psychological and pedagogical support for children and families and to organisations providing legal assistance in cases of children;
    • Accommodation in a family of relatives and friends;
    • Accommodation in a foster family;
    • Accommodation in a social service for residential care.

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