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    Stara Zagora Region

    Stara Zagora Region

    The city of lime trees and straight streets, of poets and artists – so called Stara Zagora, the administrative center of the district.

    It is among the five largest in Bulgaria, located in Central Southern Bulgaria and covers an area of 5,151.1 square kilometers. 4.7% of the total population of the country is concentrated in the district. Two thirds of the population live in the cities, the largest of which are Stara Zagora, Kazanlak, Chirpan, Radnevo. The territorial-settlement base includes 206 settlements, of which 10 cities and 196 villages.

    First-class domestic and international road transport connections are crossed on the territory of the district, which connect the northern border of Bulgaria along the Danube River with the southern one, to Greece and Turkey. The traffic flows on the two railway lines connecting the western parts and the capital with the Black Sea ports of Burgas and Varna, and with the southeastern border of Bulgaria with Turkey and Greece are intensive. The routes of the transport Eurocorridors № 4, 8 and 9 intersect here. Two motorways pass through the territory of the district – “Maritsa” and “Trakia”, as part of Eurocorridors 4 and 8, the first class roads E80, E85 and E773 and meridian highways. connecting the area with Eurocorridors 10 and 7. They provide fast and efficient transport of goods for export to the EU or Central Asia, while also being a prerequisite for the development of services and the creation of small and medium enterprises for freight, passenger, information and capital flows.

    On the territory of the regional center of Stara Zagora two main telephone optical highways intersect and there is a modern digital network, providing quality telephone connection with the world. Cities have well-developed high-speed internet communication facilities using satellite links, optical highways and optical internal networks. The territory of the whole district is covered by the networks of the Bulgarian mobile operators.

    The gasification of the municipalities is of great importance in the construction of the technical infrastructure. The pipeline transport infrastructure is represented by part of the southern ring of the national gas network.


    Education & Child Care

    There are a total of 118 schools in the district, 78 kindergartens. There are 10 nurseries and 27 kindergartens in the district center.

    The Thracian University occupies the prestigious 5th place in the ranking of universities in Bulgaria and takes great care of the education, life and development of its students. The university is accredited with a very high grade of 9.20 (with a maximum of 10) by the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation in Bulgaria with the right to teach bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as educational and scientific doctoral degrees. The higher school is in the process of obtaining European accreditation for the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

    Its structure includes 9 structural units: Faculty of Agriculture with training and experimental base, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine with clinics, Faculty of Medicine with University Hospital, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Engineering and Technology – Yambol, Medical College – Stara Zagora, Medical College – Stara Zagora, , Department of Information and Teacher Training.


    16 are registered in the district medical institutions for pre-hospital and hospital care.

    Industry & Jobs

    The largest industrial complex in the district is the industrial and energy complex “Maritsa East”.

    Stara Zagora is also home to the largest brewery in Bulgaria – 3agorka AD, which produces beer with the brands Zagorka, Ariana, Stolichno Pivo, Stolichno Temno Pivo, Amstel and Heineken. Zagorka holds 30% of the country’s beer market. The brewery in Stara Zagora employs over 800 people and according to this indicator the company is one of the largest employers in the city.

    Here is the Domaine Menada winery, owned by the French company Belvédère Group, the official importer of Sobieski vodka for Bulgaria. It includes the cellar in the village of Oryahovitsa, 15 km from Stara Zagora. The winery is among the most prosperous on the Bulgarian market with the brands “Tcherga”, “Traiana”, “Augusta”, “Menada”, “Menada Trinity”, as well as an exporter of wine abroad. Domaine Menada and Oryahovitsa are producers of some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon wines in the country.

    Among the most important enterprises in the city are: DZU; Progress cast iron factory; Textile fiber factory; Factory for tool and non-standard equipment; Factory for technological equipment; Factory for metal constructions; Forging and pressing plant “Preskov”; Plant for machines for the food industry “Hraninvest – Hranmashkomplekt”; Sredna Gora and Mebel furniture companies; Natalia Knitwear Factory; OMK Dairy Plants; Grain and fodder plant; Tobacco Plant “Sun – BT”; Zagore mill; Zagaria Pasta Factory; Pearl Olive Sunflower Plant, enterprises for the production of leticin, meal, bioconcentrate mixtures; Gradus Poultry Plant; Plant for metal cutting machines, workshops for pharmaceuticals.

    The center of the rich agricultural region, Zagore is famous for its wheat, with the production of cereals, industrial crops, vegetables, fruits, grapes. The local Stara Zagora sheep from 1950 is used as a pad in the creation of the Thracian fine-wooled sheep.

    Business consultants, international drivers, construction workers, brokers, trade consultants are among the sought-after labor exchanges in the area.

    Cultural & Historical Heritage

    The many cultural institutes make the city a significant cultural center. The first provincial operas and radios were opened in Stara Zagora. The history of the Regional History Museum, the Art Gallery, the Drama Theater is one hundred years old. Among the most attractive places for the citizens and guests of Stara Zagora is the park “Metropolitan Methodius Kusev” / known as Ayazmoto “- a monument of park and garden art of national importance, one of the emblems of the city. The park has more than 50 species of exotic trees and shrubs from different parts of the world: Aleppo pine, Aleppo oak, laurel tree, pencil tree, paradise apple, ginkgo biloba. An attractive place for children and adults is the Zoo, located on an area of ​​30 acres.

    There are seven sites declared natural landmarks in the municipality of Stara Zagora. Three of them are rock formations – “Molkini skali” – in the land of the village of Kolena, “Zmeevi dupki” and “Kazaneto” – in the land of the village of Zmeyovo. In the same land is an interesting geological formation known as “Volcano Crater”.


    The average market rent for a family home is BGN 500.

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