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    Vidin Region

    Vidin Region

    The city on the second bridge over the Danube and the medieval fortress “Baba Vida”, where scenes from “The Lord of the Rings” were filmed.

    Vidin is twinned with Rivne, Ukraine.

    Vidin Region is located in the northwestern part of Bulgaria and covers 2.7% of the territory of Bulgaria. Its geographical location favors its development as a transport, trade, cultural and political center.

    Vidin Region is the entrance – the exit door of Bulgaria for Europe and the world. To the north, the district borders Romania, to the west it borders the Republic of Serbia. Our northern border – the Danube River, determines the possibility of direct connections with all countries of the Danube basin. Two trans-European corridors pass through the district – № 4 Craiova / Romania – Vidin – Sofia – Kulata / and № 7 Rhine-Main – Danube.

    The territory of the district includes 11 municipalities: Vidin, Boynitsa, Bregovo, Belogradchik, Gramada, Dimovo, Kula, Makresh, Novo Selo, Ruzhintsi, Chuprene.


    Education & Child Care

    There are 24 kindergartens and 32 schools on the territory of Vidin district. In the settlements where there are no schools, children and young people (up to 16 years of age) subject to compulsory education are provided with free transport for transportation to the central schools.

    From 2017 in Vidin accepts students a branch of the University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev”. It is carried out in a regular form of education for the specialties: Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Electronics, Technology and Transport Management, Industrial Management, Computer Science and Bulgarian Language and History. The term of study is four years, and the graduates acquire a bachelor’s degree with a professional qualification corresponding to the studied specialty.


    The medical service on the territory of Vidin Region is carried out through the system of outpatient medical care – primary and specialized, the medical establishments for hospital care and five branches of the Center for emergency medical care. Access to primary health care in rural areas is difficult due to poor infrastructure and the condition of the existing transport network. In the town of Belogradchik there is a health facility for inpatient and outpatient care, in several of the other municipalities medical outpatient clinics have been opened.

    Economy & Jobs

    The economic structure of the region is dominated by the services sector – 72%, followed by agriculture and industry.

    The most sought after professions by employers in the area are: accountants, doctors, nurses, teachers, tailors, drivers, builders, sales consultants, cooks, electricians, welders, locksmiths, turners, formworkers, machine operators, installers, hygienists, general workers.

    The labor market in the North-West region continues to have a shortage of highly qualified personnel – information and telecommunications technology engineers, language managers, education system staff, IT and information technology teachers, doctors and nurses, as well as and for specialists and workers in some of the leading industries in the region.

    In the low-skilled workforce without a specialty and profession, the seasonal factor has an impact. The most sought after are general workers in tourism, agriculture and forestry, construction, and drivers.

    Cultural & Historical Heritage

    The area has an extremely rich history. For 2 millennia the area has been an important military, transport and trade center. In the first millennium BC, the Thracian tribes Mizi and Tribali lived here, conquered and included in the Roman Empire in the 1st century AD. Numerous monuments, architectural fragments, sculptural figures, works of bronze casting and pottery testify today to the rise of the ancient Ratiaria (Archar) and Bononia (Vidin) in the era of Roman rule.

    On the territory of Vidin Region there are remarkable natural phenomena, protected areas and species, and many cultural and historical monuments from all historical epochs.

    Among the most emblematic landmarks are:

    • Baba Vida Fortress and Kaleto Fortress Walls – one of the best preserved medieval defense facilities in Bulgaria
    • The Roman fortresses “Kaleto” in the town of Belogradchik and “Castra Martis” in the town of Kula,
    • The Mosque and the Library of Osman Pazvantoglu in Vidin
    • The Museum “Cross Barracks” and Turkish konak “Koluka” in Vidin
    • St. VM Dimitar Cathedral – the second largest after the temple – the monument “St. Alexander Nevsky” in Sofia.
    • The Rocks of Belogradchik
    • Chuprene Biosphere
    • Reserve “Magurata Cave”, which is under the special auspices of UNESCO with international status as a cultural monument.


    The current prices for renting a home are between BGN 300 and 500 per month.

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