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    Yambol Region

    Yambol Region

    The earliest settlements in these places are from the Neolithic era – 5500 BC.

    Yambol is twinned with the city of Berdyansk, Ukraine.

    Yambol District is located in the southeastern part of Bulgaria, the southern border of the region is also the state border of Bulgaria with Turkey. The administrative center is the town of Yambol, 5 are the other municipalities – Elhovo, Bolyarovo, Straldzha are the largest of them. The population is over 150 thousand inhabitants.

    The territory of the district is occupied by the middle valley of the fourth largest Bulgarian river – Tundzha. There are three protected reserves – “Upper Topchia”, “Lower Topchia” and “Balabana”. The Colchis pheasant (the only natural locality in the country, located in the Papazova koria area) is bred and protected from extinction in the Dolna Topchia and Gorna Topchia reserves. Mammals include fox, jackal, rabbit, wild boar, fallow deer.

    The appearance of the reserve is given by the vegetation, characteristic for the riparian floodplain forests – the longos. Balabana Reserve has been a protected site for over 60 years, created to preserve the nesting grounds of one of the few colonies of the little white maned and night heron.


    Education & Child Care

    There are 10 kindergartens in the district, there are 2 nurseries in Yambol, the network of children’s kitchens is well developed – 6 in number.

    There are 15 secondary schools, among them there are specialized for awarding professional qualification informatics and operational accounting, computer graphics and architecture, e-commerce, construction, electrical equipment, agriculture, food industry and tourism, sports school.


    7 are the registered establishments for pre-hospital and hospital medical care, as well as the Center for emergency medical care.

    Industry & Jobs

    The food industry has a leading place in the district; light industry – production of ready-made clothing, leather clothing, furniture and footwear; mechanical engineering; energy; the trade and services sector; tourism. In different municipalities the business profile has its own specifics. Traditional and alternative agriculture is being developed in the Tundzha municipality; in the municipality of Elhovo – organic farming and the production of clean healthy food, here is one of the Bulgarian companies with a long tradition in the production of electrical parts – “Elprom Elhovo”; in the municipality of Straldzha – herbal production and tobacco production; in the municipality of Bolyarovo – meat processing industry.

    Demanded professions include stockman, kitchen workers, cashiers, accountants, drivers.

    Cultural & Historical Heritage

    The most famous of the historical sites is the ancient Thracian city of Kabile (near the village of Kabile). More than 30 fortresses from antiquity and the Middle Ages have been discovered, used to protect the southern border. The George Papazov Art Gallery in Yambol has a fund of 3,500 immovable cultural values, located in a permanent exhibition.

    Among the established cultural events is the International Masquerade Festival “Kukerlandia”, the culmination of the festival is a two-day competition parade.


    BGN 270 is the current average monthly rent for a home.

    Important Contacts

    Labor Bureau – 046 662 464

    Regional education management: Regional Department of Education – Yambol (ruo-yambol.bg)

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